Al About Us

Welcome to our little corner of the world.

We enjoy making different crafts and getting to share them with you all. We began making things for ourselves, it expanded to Christmas presents for the family, then family/friends wanted some for their friends. Next thing you know, here we are sharing our jewelry and crafts in our own little store.

We have designed our store where we do not discriminate on any clientele for any reason. We are happy to serve those from all walks of life, orientation, sexuality, religions, etc. 

All items are handmade. Custom orders are always welcome. We love to see what our customers come up with for colors and ideas.  Please do allow additional time for delivery if you are customizing a piece. We will keep in contact with our customers on your piece while it is being made.  

We only use only anodized aluminum and sterling silver wires and rings. They are nickel free and work with all allergies, which is great for me since I seem to be allergic to all metals.  But these, I can wear without getting blisters, itching, or having my skin turn colors!!!  My own pieces have been worn and tested for sturdiness and accuracy. It has been worn daily 24/7 through showers, hot tub, to bed, to the gym, chasing after a child, and every day life's events. It is still in one pieces, looks amazing, and holding color and shape. I believe in testing a product before selling it so customers will be just as satisfied and happy!

Thanks for taking a look around and we hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions at all, we are open to help.

Aria & Tanya